Tool to watch: Shinkuro

Stowe Boyd (whose name I spelled correctly this time) writes about the beta release of [Shinkuro]:(, a cross-platform peer-to-peer filesharing/collaboration tool that is similar to Groove. Stowe notes that Shinkuro supports Mac OS X, with Linux support coming soon, whereas Groove is Windows-only.

Development thus far has been funded by DARPA, whose interest in secure far-flung collaboration is pretty obvious. ( Also note the fact that Groove recently inked a big deal with Dept. of Homeland Security.) The tool is in public beta. No pricing has been announced. I wonder if the fact that this has been created with our tax dollars means that it a version will eventually be released as open source. (Yeah, I know, not likely, but that’s how it _should_ be.)

Clearly, this is a tool to keep an eye on.

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