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Michael Gilbert threw together (ha! Michael never really “throws” anything together) a nice description of his daily publishing workflow, and Sonny Cloward picked up the theme with “What’s In Your Toolbox.” Here’s my contribution to the conversation:

OS: Windows XP

Email/Calendaring/Task list: Outlook 2003

Spam filtering (client-side): SpamBayes Outlook plugin

Spam filtering (server-side): SpamAssassin plus whatever other magic Dean has cooked up

Personal task management: GTD Outlook Add-in

Word processing: MS Word

Spreadsheets: MS Excel

Collaborative time/project tracking: dotProject (heavily customized to integrate with our database)

Web browser: Firefox

RSS reader: Bloglines

Bookmark management:

Blogging: WordPress and MovableType

Web Content Mangement System: homebrew ColdFusion CMS, soon to be Plone

Photo gallery: Gallery

Photo editing: Macromedia Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop Elements

Instant messaging: Gaim

VoIP: Skype

Online meetings: Microsoft LiveMeeting

FTP: FileZilla


Anti-spyware: Spybot & MS Anti-Spyware

Media player: iTunes

Desktop search: Copernic

Preferred web search: Google

Virus protection: ClamWin

Compression App: 7-zip


8 thoughts on “Tools I Use”

  1. Jon, your configuration is similar to what I had before I moved from W2K to linux (ubuntu). My transition was eased by using Open Office and Thunderbird on the Windows side so that I didn’t really have to sweat getting my mail configs out of Outlook. Of course I am still looking for a decent spyware tool for linux………….okay that was a cheap shot.

  2. The only part that I really can’t see myself giving up yet is Outlook. Mail, (shared) calendaring and tasks that integrate tightly and sync reliably with my Palm are pretty important to me. Thunderbird is nice as a mail client, and Sunbird is sorta OK as a standalone calendar. But it’s just not *quite* there yet for me as my main productivity/communications tool. Maybe someday soon, though.

  3. Ok Jon, now that it is obvious that you have been poking
    the Ubuntu site, why don’t you dual boot for a month and see how you like it. I dare you ;). Make sure that you mount your existing Windows partions, so you can grab data when you need it. You are right, that Thunderbird/Sunbird combo is not a replacement for Outlook, but what about Evolution, the tool that is supposed to integrate with Exchange server. I agree that some of the tools don’t have the same features as the commercial Windows apps. For myself, the major tool suite that I gave up was Macrodmedia. Most of the replacement tools on the Linux side cover 95% of the functionality. So I exchanged a few features for more freedom.

  4. Not only I have I been poking around the site, I have burned the install CD. And when I get some free time, I’ll install it on top of the never-used RedHat 9 partition that’s already on my drive. And how well Evolution works is almost certainly going to be the ‘critical path’ to success.

  5. Well, unfortunately it looks like the Evolution-Exchange Connector still isn’t quite ready for prime-time. It crashes immediately on startup, and it appears that lots of other folks are reporting similar problems. Hopefully a future version will be more stable. 🙁

  6. Well crap, that is bad news. Sounds like Exchange wil be keeping you and many other on Windows for some time. It is as if Exchange was designed to keep other programs from interfacing with it…..hold on, my tin foil hat just started to tingle, got to go.

  7. I’m a core member of the dotProject team and came across your posting. Would you be available to exchange a few emails about dotProject? I’m mostly looking to find out what your major loves/hates are of the system.


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