Transformation, not technology

It occurred to me yesterday that the real challenge we[1] face is not the question of “how do we apply technology tools to organizations?” but more “how do we help organizations & people transform themselves so that they are more able to harness the power of technology?”

[1] “we” = those of us standing astride the worlds of technology and social change.

4 thoughts on “Transformation, not technology”

  1. I like the spirit of this, but I don’t like the framing. Organizations should transform because there’s something better out there, not because they won’t be able to harness technology otherwise.

    I think what you’re saying is that certain organizations seem incapable of leveraging technologies that enable them to be more open and collaborative, because culturally, they don’t actually care about openness and collaboration. I agree with this, and I also think that openness and collaboration is a better way to be. Again, it’s about those values, not about the technology.

    Technology also can play a role in catalyzing that transformation. That’s a longer conversation though. 🙂

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