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  1. Thanks for the NYT link, Jon. When that conversation happens, it seems to me it’s usually about the wrong question. The Jim Collins-esque question “how can nonprofits learn from the practices of the best-performing organizations from whatever sector” is a lot more interesting than “how can nonprofits learn from the business sector.” I do think nonprofits can learn a lot from some of the best practices in the business sector, but that doesn’t mean we should simply emulate businesses without regard to the good and the bad, and of course it can work in both directions as well. And I was also pleasantly surprised to find the same spectrum of organizational effectiveness in the public sector. I learned more about building a strong nonprofit organization from watching a well-run city operation up close than I ever did from within the nonprofit world, oddly enough.

  2. Totally agree. I’m hugely in favor of cross-sectoral learning (one of the reasons I’m going to grad school for an MPA in fact). I’m equally against the fetishization of other sectors. I’ve learned more about effective collaboration and non-hierarchical leadership from open-source software developers than I have from environmental activists.

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