What I Appreciate, Product Management Version

It’s always easy to focus on things that are going wrong or could be better. Here are some patterns for creating great products that I appreciate and are worth amplifying.

  • Slow down to go faster (and better)
  • Push decisions down to the lowest level possible
  • Values create value — but only if your behaviors align with your values!
  • Create collaboratively, but not by committee
  • Speak truth with kindness
  • Minimize distractions
  • The best idea can come from anywhere
  • Trust (but verify) your intuition
  • Simplify and iterate
  • Psychological safety
  • Relationships and appreciation

Yes, each of these can be reduced to a caricature or a cliche, but if you actually structure your organization and the rhythm of work to embrace these practices, some pretty profoundly good things can start to happen.