What Steve says

The always-insightful Steve Wright pretty much nails it in this short post on OWS (emphasis mine):

Social media does a fantastic job of creating noise and through noise you get attention. But noise has no narrative. The decentralized approach has served us brilliantly. Again, I am grateful and in awe of those in the OWS movement who have done what I do not have the courage to do myself.I believe we are rapidly approaching the time when old school Port Huron style organizing is necessary. Reading up on the early days of the last civil rights movement, it took them about 10 years to get to the catalytic moment of 1968. I think we are at our 1968 moment today but don’t have the structure underneath us.

One thought on “What Steve says”

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Jon! In a effort to build on the work of Occupy, we have started: WorkingFor. (http://www.facebook.com/WorkingFor and soon, http://www.workingfor.org). The idea is that our communities are where we need to root the response to the abuses of the 1%. We hope to focus support and attention on small and local businesses, community focused NGO’s, municipal employees and community members in an effort to maximize clusters of economic gravity in a conscious effort to pull revenue away from the 1%.

    Happy “Move Your Money Monday” all!

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