Why NASA Chose Plone, and What They Learned

Katie Cunningham, a technical lead at NASA, has written up a great three-part case study on her experiences managing a massive (and massively successful) project to relaunch the NASA Science website with Plone.

Part I: Why Plone?

Part II: Design and Development

Part III: Lessons Learned

Lots of great lessons in there about what it takes to manage a successful big-league government website project with a world-class open-source CMS like Plone.

And, while we’re on the topic of Plone for government agencies Ken Wasetis’ talk about Why Plone Works Well for Large Government Agencies is well worth watching.

One thought on “Why NASA Chose Plone, and What They Learned”

  1. That was a great case study, and much more helpful than ‘Hey, NASA uses Plone’ in explaining to folks that it can help them too. 😉

    Thanks for the link to my talk too!

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