Why social change agents should blog

Marty Kearns offers some great thoughts about why blogging is useful for social change activists:

Casual online publishing helps foster network cohesion:
* Develops new “weak ties”. (I don’t know who you are reading this but if you read it often enough you get a sense of what fires my engines.
* Fosters common story and common language. I realize that most of my posts need reworking before I share them with work, funding or friend circles.
* Improves team situational awareness. My friends send me good links or ideas and I will flush them out a bit on the blog.
* Refines thinking and provides stimulus for face-to-face conversation. I have actually bumped into people that read this site every so often and we pick up on a thread of mutual interest.

Blogging is also a way for activists and other social change agents to play around with journalism, reporting and commentary — three skills that are going to be absolutely critical for social movements in the next century (if they aren’t already). Blogging is one of the many ways for activists to make their own media, and a part of the “Progressive Wurlitzer” that we need to build to counter the centralized media juggernaut of the right.